Beers for Books in Kamakura!





*日時:3月30日(日)  12:00~22:00
*追加ラッフルチケット ¥1,000-/2枚セット(全額RtRへの寄付に充当させていただきます)

龍麿2 (端山龍麿+上原”ユカリ”裕)







This time, it’s “BEERS FOR BOOKS” @ Siciliana.
Enjoy some great live music and drinks while helping to educate children in developing countries! For every drink you order, 100 Yen will be donated to Room to Read, and buys a book for children through their program. Another 450 Yen from the cover charge, which will be 1000Yen, will be donated as well. (

Siciliana is located right by the ocean, so stop by early and enjoy a beautiful sunset over a drink or two. They have built a reputation for having amazing food, and for this party, they have offered to prepare several dishes which will be available for “one coin (500yen)!” So please invite your friends and stop by to enjoy a spring day of great music and drinks!

Scheduled performance by:


Ryumaro2 (Ryumaro Hayama + Yukari Yutaka Uehara)


Creamy Chicken Band

Butcher (charcoal portrait drawings)


There will be a cover charge of 1000 Yen which includes a ticket for one drink. Everything from their regular menu will be available. 500 Yen from the cover charge, and 100 Yen for each and any drink ordered will be donated.

1-3-12-310 Shichirigahama, Kamakura-shi

Doors open @ 12:00 PM. performances start @ 2:00 PM.
Non-Alcohol drinks available from 500 yen, Alcohol drinks available from 600 yen
Foods available from 500 yen


Raffle starts around 3:00 & 7:00 PM (2 times). 2 tickets for each donation of 1000 yen.
No alcohol will be served to anyone driving or underage.