《 Beers for Books in 京都 》 

Room to Read Beers for Books

[English follows the Japanese information.]

《 Beers for Books in 京都 》

今年3月にオープンしたばかりのブリューパブ【京都ビアラボ】で、クラフトビールを楽しみながらのチャリティイベント”Beers for Books“を初開催します!

■場所:京都ビアラボ Kyoto Beer Lab
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Room to Read Beers for Books
Room to Read Beers for Books
Room to Read Beers for Books
※Beers for Books とは・・・


ルーム・トゥ・リードは良質な教育の機会を発展途上国の子ども達に提供する国際的なNPOです。リテラシーと男女平等の教育の機会によって、子ども達が自立できるようになることをミッションのひとつとしています。 現在、ネパール、カンボジアなど、アジアとアフリカの9カ国で活動しています。詳しくはルーム・トゥ・リードのホームページをご覧ください。

***** English *****

《 Beers for Books in Kyoto 》

Beers for Books – A great way to raise money for Room to Read.
Have fun at “Kyoto Beer Lab” while raising money for childhood literacy.
For every beer you order, Kyoto Beer Lab will donate ¥100 to create a treasured book for children in a developing country.
This event is open to everyone; please spread the world.
Since February 2009 B4B events were held on 4 continents and 17 countries to raise funds for books for kids just by hanging out and having a good time. It’s an easy way to do good and learn about the amazing work of Room to Read with fun people.
Hope to see you there!

20th July, Friday

3:00p.m. – 00:00a.m.
*No reservations are needed.
Please come whenever you can during the event hours.

Kyoto Beer Lab
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For those of you new to Beers for Books, the concept is simple:
For every drink you have, 100 yen will be donated to Room to Read and that buys a treasured book for children via Room to Read.

Room to Read is an amazing NPO whose mission is to provide quality educational opportunities to children in developing countries with the goal of empowering kids via literacy and gender equality in education. Room to Read has projects in 9 countries in Asia and Africa including Nepal, Cambodia, etc.
For more details see https://www.roomtoread.org (http://japan.roomtoread.org/ in Japanese)